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Das myTelescope Handbuch Bild:Lang-De.gif
The myTelescope Handbook

1. Introduction
1.1 1.1 Copyright
1.2 1.2 Sources of Supply
1.3 1.3 What is myTelescope?
1.4 Version History Bild:Lang-De.gif
2. Installation
2.1 System Requirements
2.2 Setup
3. The modules
3.1 Telescope Making
3.1.1 myNewton
3.1.2 myCassegrain
3.1.3 Three Planes
3.1.4 Artificial Stars
3.2 Observing
3.2.1 Messier Marathon Planer

The program package myTelescope is a collection of programs, which I wrote to apprehend all of the complex optical and mathematical coherences of telescope making. Since I developed these programs primarily for myself, I cannot guarantee that they will also fit your requirements. Simply try it out! If you have any error messages, suggestions for improvement, or other comments, please tell me. I would suggest to use an appropriate discussion page (see menu above) for comments, so they can be discussed publicly.

You'll find the download links on this page.

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