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Das myTelescope Handbuch Bild:Lang-De.gif
The myTelescope Handbook

1. Introduction
1.1 1.1 Copyright
1.2 1.2 Sources of Supply
1.3 1.3 What is myTelescope?
1.4 Version History Bild:Lang-De.gif
2. Installation
2.1 System Requirements
2.2 Setup
3. The modules
3.1 Telescope Making
3.1.1 myNewton
3.1.2 myCassegrain
3.1.3 Three Planes
3.1.4 Artificial Stars
3.2 Observing
3.2.1 Messier Marathon Planer

Notabene: In order to avoid changes of the download links, this page is protected from changes. Nevertheless always make sure, you really download the programs from

1.1 Copyright

This document is protected by copyright laws. The copyright owner is Heiner Otterstedt (copyright © 2002, 2006 Heiner Otterstedt). The document may be spread in accordance with GNU Free Documentation License 1.2. In particular this means that the text may be spread both over electronic as well as physical media without payments by royalties, as long as this reference to the copyright is not removed. Commercial spreading is permitted.

The copyright owner of the myTelescope program collection is Heiner Otterstedt (copyright © 2002, 2006 Heiner Otterstedt). All programs of the myTelescope collection can be used and distributed freely for all peaceful purposes.

1.2 Sources of Supply

Please allways use these links to download the programs! Links from other pages of this Wiki my be falsified!

Name Version Notes
myNewton german/english, Win2000/WinXP and higher
myNewton german, WinNT/Win95 and higher
Tree Planes A program for the analysis of Newton's interference test without reference flat.
Messier Marathon Planers A Program for planing a Messier Marathon
Artificial Stars A Program for displaying artificial stars on a computer screen.
Some more ATM programs - -

1.3 What is myTelescope

myTelescope is a collection of programs, which may support construction, building, test and use of home built astronomical instruments.

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