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Das myTelescope Handbuch Bild:Lang-De.gif
The myTelescope Handbook

1. Introduction
1.1 1.1 Copyright
1.2 1.2 Sources of Supply
1.3 1.3 What is myTelescope?
1.4 Version History Bild:Lang-De.gif
2. Installation
2.1 System Requirements
2.2 Setup
3. The modules
3.1 Telescope Making
3.1.1 myNewton
3.1.2 myCassegrain
3.1.3 Three Planes
3.1.4 Artificial Stars
3.2 Observing
3.2.1 Messier Marathon Planer

3. The Modules

The myTelescope collection consists of a set of different programs. A goal is to bring a big part of the computations, which arise during the construction and building of a telescope, under "one roof". In particular I would like to reduce the abundance of different file formats.

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